An unarmed mother fought off a tiger that tried to snatch her baby in a village in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. She suffered serious injuries while protecting her 15-month-old child.

Archana Chaudhary, 25, used her bare hands to fight off the tiger when it attacked her infant son Raviraj. She shouted for help but the tiger buried its claws into her chest, puncturing a lung.

The fight lasted only a few minutes before villagers came to her aid. The tiger eventually returned to the forest.


The mother and infant were transported to the hospital with serious injuries. The infant received severe head wounds, while the mother was treated for deep abdominal wounds and a punctured lung.

Authorities are currently searching for the tiger so that it does not harm anyone else.

India is home to critically endangered tigers. Fast-growing human expansion has led to fatal encounters between humans and the big cat. A total of 108 people lost their lives between 2019 and 2021 to tiger attacks, most of them in Maharashtra.