After facing severe backlash for the past three days on his disgusting comments about rape, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) politician Nabil Gabol offered an apology but then put up a bizarre rant comparing himself to Imran Khan.

Now, Gabol’s son Nadir has come out to defend his father in a Twitter thread.

Regarding the controversial comment ‘When rape is inevitable, just enjoy it’, Gabol said his father had intended to say ‘Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”


“My father used inappropriate words but what he intended to say is a common teaching in psychology: “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” Just Google it….”

Gabol went on to say that rape was not gender specific, and that his father was not talking about women:

“All feminist sisters, is rape gender specific? First, you are wrong in assuming he was literally talking about rape. Second that he was talking about women. Both assumptions are your mistake not his!”

Gabol defended the PPP politician by saying that his father was not a misogynist and cares for his daughters and granddaughters:

“My father is not a misogynist. He does way more for his daughters than he does for his sons. I can’t forget his happiness at the birth of his granddaughter Hafsanur and the way he loves her more than anyone else in the world.”

Gabol offered an explanation of his father’s controversial comments on YouTuber Nadir Ali’s channel, saying that those comments were only meant for the audience of that show.

“I don’t agree with his sense of humor and you don’t have to either. Whatever he said on Nadir Ali’s show was meant for the audience of that show. Not for you and me!”

Nabil Gabol faced intense backlash for a viral clip that trended on social media where the politician was talking on the YouTube channel ‘The Pakistan Experience’ with host Shehzad Ghias, stating ”When rape is imminent, just enjoy it’.

Other clips of his interview with Nadir Ali also went viral where the politician was seen making sexual comments about the TikTok dancer Ayesha, and also boasting about kidnapping girls he liked.

The PPP politician apologized for his remarks in an interview with AAJ news, saying that he regretted if his words had hurt women. But then he went on to blame PTI supporters for launching a social media campaign against him.

However, on Wednesday, Gabol shared a screenshot from Time Magazine’s article on Imran Khan detailing his past scandals, and in the caption he wrote that had he also been as good looking as Khan, his words would not have gained this much scrutiny:

“Hum kare tu saala charecter deela hai …. This is what Time magazine say about Imran khan .Iam surprised not a single person such as @FifaHaroon or @MunizaeJahangir or @sharmilafaruqi or@farehaaltaf and Aurat march organisers said anything against khan . I think i need to lose weight and look handsome like khan and bcm Ladla so that no one criticise me.”