Years after private photos of Maria Wasti were leaked online, the actor has talked about the scandal that followed on Nadir Ali’s podcast.

Wasti opened up about how her’s and Ayesha Omer’s photos in swimsuits at a vacation were leaked online. She said that there wasn’t any way people could ensure their personal photos weren’t leaked to the public.
“These were some personal pictures, and this happened a long time ago when there wasn’t much awareness of privacy settings. But it was someone who was Ayesha’s personal friend, who had leaked our pictures to the press. It was sad that it happened.’

Wasti defended her choice to wear a bikini back then, saying that she won’t apologize for wearing clothes of her choice. The actress also revealed that she received a lot of negative comments on social media over her photos, but she chooses not to let it effect her.
“My life, my choice…Yes people did troll me. I do intend to check who is criticizing and what are they saying. I make sure what words I should be effected by and what I shouldn’t. Again that’s your own choice. I was not happy about it, because it was stealing my personal pictures or personal life that you hadn’t shown to the media. So it shouldn’t be done, but it happened.’


Listen to the whole interview below: