Assets recovery firm Broadsheet’s CEO Kaveh Moussavi has issued an apology to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, withdrawing all corruption allegations and for being part of a “witch hunt”.

Moussavi issued an apology to the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader through a video interview with GEO News on allegations of corruption.

“We found a lot of plundered wealth [linked to others], but I can categorically state after virtually 21 years of investigation that not one rupee was related to Mr Nawaz Sharif or any member of his family. If anyone says otherwise they are lying,” Kaveh Moussavi said.


“I have no hesitation in issuing an apology to the former prime minister for my being party to a scam and scandalous nonsense masquerading as the National Accountability Bureau,” Moussavi said, adding: “NAB is a fraud through and through.”

Kaveh Moussavi repeated his apology addressing Nawaz Sharif directly. “I repeat it: Mr Sharif, we owe you an apology because Mr Sharif you clearly were the victim of a massive organised scandalous witch-hunt. There’s no question about that. When facts change, I change my views.”

“Twenty-two years ago when Pervez Musharraf had asked us to investigate you, we were led to believe and we started investigating and at every turn we found that investigation was sabotaged not because we were getting close to things but because the intention was something else. That actually was a witch hunt and the intention was not to find any looted assets,” said Moussavi.

Kaveh Moussavi revealed that he was in touch with Prime Minister Imran Khan through Shipping and Ports Minister Ali Zaidi and that he had evidence to prove his conversations with Ali Zaidi.


“I was in direct contact with the government. I sat and had lunch with minister Shehzad Akbar directly in London. I had a telephone chat with another minister, Ali Zaidi, who was commissioned by Prime Minister Imran Khan to speak with me and to cooperate but they showed not a scintilla of evidence that they were interested in going after the stolen money,” said Broadsheet’s CEO.

“They were interested in using whatever we found as a political capital against their enemies, which I am afraid, was my experience with the NAB right from day one. From day one we insisted that we are not going to be an instrument of witch-hunt. Very soon it became clear that the NAB was nothing but an instrument of witch-hunt – a very incompetent and corrupt one. The reason why Imran khan promised the moon and didn’t get anywhere was because they had no intention of going anywhere,” said Mousaavi.

PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif took to Twitter and said, “Corruption allegations were made to keep him out of public life. Now the whole edifice of lies, deceit & character assassination stands demolished.”