Actress Natalie Portman shared a video on her Instagram account where she called for justice for the kidnapped babies and children taken hostage by Hamas. In the video, children can be seen holding up placards saying ‘Save Israeli Children’. However, none of the placards bear any mention of Palestinian children and babies killed by the Israeli bombs and airstrikes over these last few days.

According to Defense For Children International Palestine, more than 583 children have died because of Israel’s onslaught on Palestinians, which continues to rise as Israeli forces cut off electricity, water, food and gas supplies for Gaza.

“Israeli officials’ statements combined with widespread and systematic attacks carried out by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip raise extreme concern that this is now a campaign of genocide against the Palestinian people,” Brad Parker, attorney and senior policy adviser at Defense for Children International – Palestine said in a statement. “Israeli military assaults have reached an intensity where they are seemingly intended to deliberately kill large numbers of Palestinians in Gaza, and combined with Israeli total closure policies, show the aim is to destroy Palestinian life in Gaza.”


Tellingly, Portman disabled comments on her post.

Actress Jennifer Garner also released a statement on her Instagram page, where she wrote about the atrocities of war being unbearable for both Israeli and Palestinian children. The actress said she is donating to Save The Children, an organisation who are providing supplies for people in need.

Save The Children has slammed Israel for ordering one million people from North Gaza to move South within 24 hours.

We are extremely worried by Israeli military orders to evacuate 1 million people out of northern #Gaza in 24 hours which will have enormous consequences for #children.