Pakistani entertainment industry witnessed several celebrity divorces in the past year. While what happens between two individuals is best known to them, it raises questions and thoughts for society.

Industry veterans Naumaan Ijaz and Nadia Khan recently discussed the increasing rate of failed marriages in Pakistan in their respective interviews.

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In a recent podcast with Munib Nawaz, Nauman Ijaz expressed concern over Pakistan’s rising divorce rate. He said as he was discussing it, “One thing I really want to mention here is about the rapidly increasing divorce rate, I want to say to parents that please stop doing early marriages of the children, please, first make sure that your kid starts earning well otherwise things will get worse, the couple will fight and will eventually root for the divorce, stop playing with the lives of your kids, let them get mature enough to decide.”


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Similarly, host and actor Nadia Khan suggested that men are tempted into extramarital affairs and women don’t waste a second to get rid of their men when they come to know about such things.   

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Talking about the financial independence of women, the Zun Mureed star said that it allows women to take a stand for themselves when deceived or stripped of happiness in their marriage, leading to divorce.

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