Naumaan Ijaz, who is popular for his unfiltered take on the Pakistani drama industry, has found himself at the receiving end of criticism after an old interview of his went viral on social media. In the interview, the actor talks about cheating on his wife and getting away with it because he is such “a great actor”.

When host Iffat Omar asks Naumaan the secret behind his successful marriage, Naumaan said that he is very lucky as far as his wife is concerned.

Iffat then remarked that artists are ‘aashiq mizaaj log‘ and asked Ijaz if he ever felt his heart waver, to which the actor replied, “Multiple times”.


“But then how do you control it; know your limits,” asked Iffat.

“I don’t control it,” laughed Naumaan in response. “I fall in love daily. I am a very loving person. If I come across a woman who is beautiful inside out and has a difficult personality, I fall in love with her.”

Toh phir aap karletay hain ishq,” questioned Iffat.

Main karleta hoon ishq,” said Naumaan, adding that his wife doesn’t find out because he is such “a great actor and an intelligent man.”

When Iffat probed further and asked about the reaction of those he gets involved with, Naumaan said that they know and reciprocate but their husbands don’t find out.

“I need to learn a few things from you,” chuckled Iffat in response.

Naumaan with his wife and son

Later, while discussing the #MeToo movement, Naumaan said that this movement has arisen because “we have distanced ourselves from deen (religion).”

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Soon after the clip went viral, social media users slammed the actor for endorsing infidelity and passing misogynistic comments.

Some social media users also called out Iffat for not handling Naumaan’s comments in an appropriate manner.

While Naumaan is yet to address the matter directly, he posted a cryptic message on social media.