Trigger warning: Murder

A seven-year-old minor girl was killed in the Karpa area of Islamabad by a female neighbour and her male accomplice.

According to the girl’s father, his daughter was burnt and her body was dumped in a water tank. After the incident, the minor girl’s father lodged a complaint against his female neighbour and her unidentified young abettor.


In the First Information Report (FIR), the complainant told the police that his mother and wife along with daughter Maira went to their neighbor’s house to participate in Quran Khawani.

The minor went up to the roof. After some time, the visitors smelled something burning. When they went to the roof, they saw a burning mattress but no sign of Maira. Later, Maira’s burnt body was recovered from a water tank kept on the roof.

The complainant said his family members saw their female neighbour and an unidentified man fleeing the scene.

Islamabad Police Operations Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) has also taken notice of the incident and directed the related police officials to arrest the suspects.