Aaj bhi bohat thund hai but a little bit of sun will be there to keep us from shivering. Today is Thursday the 17th of December and the world is celebrating Re-gifting Day! Your friends must have given you some presents which you don’t like, so on this day, you can re-gift those present to someone who would want them and make good use of them.

Morning Meme

Jalsa picture photoshopped?

PML-N Leader Maryam Nawaz was trolled by social media users after she shared a supposedly edited picture of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) rally held in Lahore last Sunday.

Sab logh yeh keh rahay hain kay the picture she shared is photoshopped, kuch logo nay tou yeh bhi kaha kay Calibri font kay baad aab ye amateur photoshop trick. What do you think jalsay mien kitnay logh kahay thay aur asal mien kitnay thay?

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Himalayas from space
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which often shares pictures of the planet as seen from space, has shared a picture of the snow-covered Himalayan ranges. A breathtaking view it is! 

The long exposure shot shows not just the expanse of bright white mountain ranges, balkay it also captures the city lights of New Delhi and Lahore to the south and the arid Tibetan plateau, the ‘Roof of the world,’ to the north.

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Jalan, Zebaish and others! Yay or nay?

Want to get expert opinion on your favourite TV dramas? Watch this week’s The Current Top 5 for reviews on the latest episodes and more. Last week kay dhamakaydaar second-last episodes main ‘Jalan’ ki Nisha aur ‘Zebaish’ ki Natasha nay apnay bachay kho diye. ‘Raaz-e-Ulfat’ ki Mushk is confused between Irtiza and Ismail. Kya banay ga humari favorite heroines ka?  
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‘Thori sharam karein please’, Kashif Zameer responds to allegations

Kashif Zameer, the man who hosted Ertugrul star Engin Altan Düzyatan during his Lahore visit, has responded to allegations against him. Zameer nay aik video message mien kaha kay it is very sad that media is spreading ‘rumours’ about him. 

‘The agreement was to pay Engin Altan half the amount ahead of his first visit to Pakistan and the rest of the amount will be paid at the time of his next visit.’ Zameer ko lagta hai there are some other reasons jiski waja say media is spreading such ‘rumours’.

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Current Baba’s prediction
The stars foresee many good things happening to you today if you wear something green. So start searching for something green in your wardrobe. And if you find nothing, phir ’14th August’ wala jhanda nikal k apnay uper daal lain. 

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