Social media was outraged when it was announced that former IDF soldier, actress Gal Gadot, will be hosting a private screening for celebrities at the Museum of Tolerance, depicting the attacks of October 7. However, Twitter was in fits when Israeli supporter Eve Barlow complained that no Hollywood celebrity-including Gadot herself- had shown up for the event. Viral videos showed protests erupting outside the museum with Palestinian supporters calling for an end to the genocide in Gaza.

“Last night at the Museum of Tolerance, Hollywood was supposed to gather to watch the footage from October 7. Not a single celebrity showed up. F*** their ribbons, and their marches and their signatures. There is no fortitude in Hollywood. They are all a bunch of cowards.”

cowards.— Eve Barlow (@Eve_Barlow) November 9, 2023


Twitter users were in fits at Barlow’s tweet.