According to a notification issued by the Punjab Provincial Transport Authority (PPTA), there will be “no music/movie or vulgarity [will] be tuned/displayed in all type of transport vehicles” till 12th Rabiul Awal. The government of Punjab has declared to celebrate Shan-e-Rehmataul-Lil-Alameen (ﷺ) from a1st Rabiul Awal till 12 Rabiul Awal, reports Geo News.

The notification issued by the PPTA says, “It is desired that during these days no music/movie or vulgarity be tuned/displayed in all types transport vehicles except recitation of Holy Quran, Hamds and Naats especially in the wake of Shan-e-Rehmataul-Lil-Alameen (ﷺ) celebrations.”


Earlier, the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) issued coronavirus guidelines for Rabiul Awal celebrations across the country. It is mandatory for religious scholars and naat khuwans to be fully immunised against Covid.