Actress and UN ambassador Mahira Khan joins the rallying cry to protect Afghan refugees from deportations. Right now, Aurat March reports several Pakistani Pushtuns were picked up and taken to deportation centers because they ‘looked Afghan’.

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The ‘Humsafar’ actress shared pictures wearing her UNICEF vest and standing next to women. In the caption she wrote:


“No one leaves their home behind by choice. 💔💙
Here in Pakistan, I’ve been proud of our tradition of hospitality towards those in search of safety, dignity and respect.
For over 40 years we have provided safety to our Afghan brothers and sisters in need.

There are people who are still in need of our kindness and compassion, who are at risk if they return.

I appeal to my government to continue to support those who need it.”

Several prominent celebrities have raised their voices as gruesome stories of the brutal treatment of Afghan refugees arrive from activists. Sanam Saeed appealed to the Pakistani government to show mercy to those seeking a better life. She wrote on X (formerly Twitter):

“Deporting refugees who seek shelter here will not make our fundamental issues go away. It looks like we are deflecting blame from challenges that the govt or the country overall is facing. At a time like this in the world right now, we need to show more mercy.”

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