Noor Mukadam tried to run away from Zahir Jaffer’s house twice before she was murdered, the transcript of the CCTV footage has revealed. The prosecution in the Noor Mukadam murder case submitted the transcript of the CCTV footage of Zahir’s house in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani, which shows the events that led to Noor’s brutal murder.

As per the footage, Noor entered Zahir’s house at 10:18pm on July 18, Shehzad Malik reports for BBC Urdu. At 02:39am on July 19, the two could be seen coming out of the house with bags, which they placed in a taxi but they both went back inside the house at 02:40am.

The very next minute at 02:41am, Noor can be seen running barefoot towards the gate trying to run away, but the watchman Iftikhar closes the gate, later Zahir drags her back inside the house. The transcript further reveals that Noor begged Zahir to let her go.


At 2:46am, they cab both be seen coming out of the house again and sitting in a taxi. A few minutes later at 2:52am, they both went back into the house.

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Noor made her second attempt to escape on July 20 at 7:12pm when she jumped from the first floor of the house with a cell phone in her hand, but in the CCTV footage, Iftikhar — the watchman — and the gardener could be seen closing the door to stop her. Zahir again took her back inside the house.

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At 8:06 pm, Therapyworks’ employees could be seen entering through the main gate and trying to enter the house at 8:42 pm. Later at 8:55 pm, the employees could be seen bringing out an injured person and taking them towards the gate.

Noor was found murdered at a residence in Islamabad’s upscale Sector F-7/4 on July 20. Her death sparked national outrage, including protests and candlelight vigils across the country.