Nora Fatehi, the Canadian-born Bollywood actress and dancer who has shot to fame, reflected on her early days and struggles in Bollywood, describing them as “painful”.
During a recent interview, Nora discussed the efforts she made to establish herself in the industry, and the challenges she faced during her initial days in India.

“When I arrived in India, I had only 5,000 rupees, and at that time, I had no idea what 1,000 dollars meant. I used to live in an apartment with nine mentally ill girls, two of whom I shared a room with.”
She alleged that the agencies through whom she wanted to enter the showbiz world were also involved in her harassment.
“While living with nine girls in an apartment, I used to question myself about the difficult situation I had put myself in. Even today, those initial dreadful days still shock me,” she recalled.

“In the beginning, talent hunting agencies made me work more and paid me less. I survived for a long time on just one egg and bread. It was one of the most difficult times for me. I also needed treatment after moving to India, but I did not have enough money to go to a good hospital for my treatment.”