A brother of a police officer killed by the Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) spoke about his pain and blamed Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan and Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab Usman Buzdar for the brutal death of his brother.

A video was shared on social media by journalist Zarrar Khuhro, in which the officer’s brother said, “There was not a single part of my brother’s body which was left unbroken by the TLP.”

“All this is the fault of the government. They [policemen] did not have any weapons, they were provided with sticks just to die,” said the grieving brother.


“Imran Khan sahib and Usman Buzdar are the ones responsible for all this. They made unarmed citizens go through this ordeal,” he said.

“They did not spare a single part of my brother’s body, he was completely crushed. The cruelty done by TLP is unmatched,” said the brother.

“My brother was on duty continuously for four days, he took a break and they caught him. [Two fellow officers were with him] One ran away and they smashed the head of the other and eventually killed my brother,” he added.

The grieving brother said, “He was completely blue after being beaten up brutally. I want justice from this government. They took away all the weapons from the officers a month before and replaced them with sticks just to get killed in the end.”

The TLP protest turned violent, killing seven police officers and hundreds more wounded during clashes with TLP demonstrators marching up towards the capital.