Police have filed an FIR against an elderly man for attempting to rape his five-year-old granddaughter in Nowshera, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

As per reports, a police official told The Express Tribune that a woman registered an FIR with Pabbi police, stating that she asked her five-year-old daughter to take dinner to her grandfather and when the minor girl returned, she was crying. 

“I asked the child what happened to her and she said that her grandfather, Mir Basher tried to rape her but when she started crying, he let her go,” the mother stated, adding that the accused Mir Basher is her father-in-law and had married thrice.


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“One of his wives is dead. Another one is suffering from mental ailments and the third one is living with him but even then he tried to rape my minor daughter,” she told the police.

Later, the victim’s father also reported the incident to the police after which an FIR was registered against the accused. Police said that the accused has been booked.

“This man has been booked under section 50 and 53 of Child Protection Act (CPA) and has been arrested for trying to commit incest,” said an investigation officer.

The investigation officer added that incest is more common despite a common belief that our religious society is free of such crimes.