A visionary Indian man has ingeniously crafted a remarkable electric scooter that defies convention by featuring only a single wheel, embodying his innovative approach to transportation.

The entire captivating journey of building this extraordinary self-balancing electric scooter has been meticulously chronicled in a captivating video shared on the Creative Science YouTube channel.

The video commences with the creator sketching the initial blueprint of the scooter on cardboard, meticulously refining the design and making necessary adjustments before commencing work with durable metal sheets. Transferring the meticulously finalised cardboard design onto a substantial metal sheet, the skilled individual deftly cuts out the required components, which are then skillfully welded together, culminating in the creation of the wheel’s arch.


To ensure optimal stability, the scooter boasts a wider wheel embedded with a cutting-edge hub motor. Additionally, the ingenious inventor fabricates a comfortable seat using sturdy metal sheets, ingeniously incorporating a cleverly concealed storage compartment beneath it to house the scooter’s vital battery pack.

Drawing inspiration from the vintage designs of yesteryears, an exquisite metal fairing is meticulously fashioned. Complementing the ensemble, the handlebar and headlamp unit are borrowed from an existing scooter, while a robust bracket ensures the wheel’s secure placement, and a custom-fabricated metal pipe serves as the elegant rod for the handlebar.

Once the meticulous structural work reaches its completion, a crucial self-balancer sensor is meticulously integrated into the scooter. This sophisticated sensor plays an indispensable role in maintaining optimal stability, enabling the audacious scooter to effortlessly remain upright, defying expectations with its singular wheel.

Precise installation of the sensor is of utmost importance, ensuring accurate calibration and steadfast security. The wires from the wheel are diligently connected to the sensor, while an additional set of wires establish a vital link between the sensor and the throttle cable.

With the technical aspects artfully completed, the protective panels are deftly removed, and the entire scooter embarks on a transformative painting process. Beginning with a meticulous primer, the scooter is then adorned with a radiant yellow hue, instantly captivating attention.

To ensure safety and comfort, any sharp metal edges on the scooter are conscientiously concealed with carefully placed piping. Despite its unconventional appearance, this remarkable scooter functions with remarkable finesse, thanks to the flawlessly integrated sensor that effectively safeguards against any untoward tipping forward or backward.

It is worth noting that the creator’s exceptional achievement was accomplished without relying on advanced modern technologies, proudly showcasing their remarkable ingenuity in crafting this awe-inspiring, home-built marvel.