Pakistan Bar Council has held a meeting and strongly condemned the decision of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to delay elections beyond the constitutional limit of 90 days, citing delimitation.

According to sources, the members discussed the situation regarding the delay in elections and decided to launch a “lawyers’ movement in case elections are not held within 90 days.”

They reiterated that Article 224 of the constitution of Pakistan binds ECP to conduct the general election within 90 days after the dissolution of assemblies.


The Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Executive Committee said, “It is the duty of the commission to conduct free, fair and transparent elections within stipulated period as mandated by the constitution.”

Earlier this week, The Supreme Court Bar Association challenged the decision to hold the upcoming general elections based on the fresh census, seeking suspension of the decision.

It further demanded that the Supreme Court order the ECP to hold general elections immediately in the country.
The SCBA says elections on the new census is an attempt to unconstitutionally delay the exercise. In the petition, the federation, the Council of Common Interests, the four provinces and the Election Commission of Pakistan have been made parties.
The formation of the Council of Common Interests was not constitutional, the petition maintains.