Pakistan is celebrating its diamond jubilee, the 75th anniversary of its Independence Day today. A nation that was created in 1947 has come a long way — 75 years of resilience, hard work, commitment, struggle, dedication, and courage to keep fighting the odds. A country that is more than seven decades old sure deserves congratulations but it is high time we introspect because this 75-years-old Pakistan deserves better.

Look around, what do you see? A nation that was built on unity, faith, and discipline lacks the core of these words. We were founded to have freedoms — the freedom to live, practice our religion, and be who we think and feel. Support whichever notion finds home within us. Have a creative and critical school of thought. Be protective of our fellow Pakistanis. Not judge them for their religious beliefs, political choices, and ethnicities.

But what are we now? The present day’s 75-year-old Pakistan is far from the idea of its creation. How did we end up forgetting our reason for birth? How did we as a nation fail to stay in discipline and unity? This 75-year-old Pakistan is an amalgamation of extremism, fascism, political polarisation, and pluralistic ignorance. This country has been in the scientific laboratory for a long time now. It is time we find a litmus paper, unanimously to build this country. It is time we come out of this experimental phase and move toward a country that does not discriminate on the basis of gender. Where political leaders stay political and do not misuse religion as they please. Where the sole purpose and work of leaders is towards nation building. We can only hope that the 75-year-old Pakistan becomes strong for its girls and provides them an equal opportunity just like its boys. Where we provide an equal chance at life to the ones who have religious beliefs other than Islam. Where our minorities are not suppressed but rather treated as equals. Where rape, child marriages, abuse, and harassment ends.


May we all give this country what it truly deserves because all it really takes is unity, faith, discipline, and introspection. Long live Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!