According to the Gender Equality Index report of the World Economic Forum, Pakistan stood 151 out of 153. The only two countries below Pakistan are Iraq and Yemen.

Though grand claims have been made about improving educational opportunities for youth, empowerment of democracy and the betterment of health facilities in the country, all have been shattered after the INGO placed Pakistan at number 150 in the list of economic participation and opportunities, 143rd in education attainment, 149th in health and survival and 93 in political empowerment globally.

While Pakistan stood 112th in 2006, the standing has drastically slipped to 151 in the the last 14 years.


The report highlights that there is a huge gap of 32.7 percent between men and women in the context of economic opportunities. The gap has also widened to 94.6pc – which means that women do not have the same facilities in comparison to men.

On the contrary, Bangladesh ranked 50, followed by Nepal 101, Sri Lanka 102, India 112, Maldives 123 and Bhutan 131.