Pakistan has produced many gems in E-sports like Arslan Ash, Atif Butt, Khan (Tekken players), and many more, while in PUBG (Player unknown battlegrounds) we have one of the finest players like Cryptoo, Falak, and others who have proved themselves on the global stage.

However, these Esports players always face visa issues when they are traveling to other countries. Now Pakistan’s one of the best PUBG teams, Agonxi8, who have qualified for the PMGC (Pubg mobile global championship) is facing visa issues due to a weak Pakistani passport. PMGC is a LAN (Local Area Network) event in Malaysia, starting from November 2, having a prize pool of $3 million.

Agon’s five players along with their owner and coach Trynda (in-game name) applied for visas but only three players were able to get visas. According to the rules, at least three players from the team should be at the event’s venue otherwise, they could get disqualified and all efforts of an entire year could be wasted. Now their three players will be playing from the venue while the remaining two players will be able to play from Pakistan. PUBG Mobile has dedicated a referee to maintain the fair competition for both players.


Another problem is that the player has to play their PMGC matches on the devices provided by the PUBG mobile organizers. Other teams from different countries already have traveled to Malaysia and gotten their devices, and they have ample time to practice on these new devices before their matches. Pakistani players have reached Malaysia just 2-3 days before the starting date and players who are playing from Pakistan will receive their devices on the game day. They only have a few hours to practice on new devices which will create difficulties during the game for them as compared to their opponents.

E-sports is a huge income source for the young generation but our visa policies and weak passport makes it difficult for them to compete on international forums. Even our government is not showing any interest in E-sports while other countries like India have many big organizations to provide facilities to e-sports players.