A 35-member violent gang of boys enrolled in different private schools in Lahore is operating in the city under the name ‘102’. According to the police, one of the gang members reportedly tortured a young boy in a snooker club, taped the assault and uploaded the video on social media. This is not the first time we are hearing about teenagers in private schools indulging in bullying and harassing other young students. Last month, a video surfaced where three girls were forcing their classmate to the ground and then sitting on her back. One of the girls could be seen pulling the victim’s hair and swearing at her while making her apologise.

These incidents are triggering, but what is more alarming is to witness the behaviour of these teenagers. What is it that they are learning? Why are these kids indulging in violence? How are parents so unaware of their kids’ whereabouts and what are they doing? What is even more concerning is how these kids have normalised bullying, harassment and violence.

Parents need to teach their children what is right and wrong. They need to be extra vigilant to know what their children are consuming online. Teenagers, too, need to realise that if they are given freedom, it doesn’t mean they can hurt others in the name of being cool and resort to violence. Nothing justifies violence and bullying. The schools where such children are studying also need to be vigilant and watchful of how students are treating each other.


With every passing day, violence is increasing in children. Have we ever wondered what are the reasons for this increase in violence? Maybe it’s the content children are consuming online or maybe violent video games that they play makes violence just another act of being cool to them.

We have seen how gun culture is prevailing and how children are taking lives of their own peers. Actions have consequences. Parents, teachers and elders need to be careful and watchful towards their young children. These young minds need to be protected and taken care of. Negligence and ignorance can lead to serious problems as the kids grow up. What we are witnessing with the behaviour of these young children is rather an appalling sight. We hope our children do better and learn better. This evilness, and unkind behaviour needs to stop.