Pakistani female Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Anita Karim has won two gold medals at the Siam Cup in Bangkok, Thailand.

Anita Karim won medals in the 55 kg/lightweight category as well as in the ‘Absolute’ category. In the lightweight category, she won against Japan’s Mayo Suzuki, Thailand’s Chutima Sala, and Sefa Phatidi.

She won the first two bouts by submission and the last by one point. In the absolute category, Anita Karim defeated Thailand’s Chautima Sala Sasethun Yahi and Tanyapuran Mangkalkeri. The first and third fights were won by submission while the second was won on points. Anita Karim is Pakistan’s first female MMA fighter to compete internationally.


Her brother Uloomi Kareem himself is an MMA fighter who recently fought on November 25, 2023, against Mohammad Mahdi of Iran on the same day as his sister.

Anita Karim’s six wins also resulted in her promotion to purple belt. She fought these fights as a blue belt but was promoted to purple after winning. 27-year-old Anita Karim has come a long way for a country like Pakistan where women’s participation in sportsĀ isĀ minimal.