Except for Pakistan, electric vehicles have gained massive popularity throughout the world. A few imported cars that are available in the local market are pricey and out of the range of the average person.

Now that Pakistan’s first electric automobile has been launched with some outstanding features, things are set to change.


On Independence Day, Pakistan’s first electric vehicle prototype, the NUR-E 75, was displayed on August 14.

The battery in the car will have a 35kWh capacity with a range of 210 kilometres after being fully charged.

NUR-E 75 will save a significant amount of fuel, contribute to the fight against climate change, and maintain economic prosperity, claims Dr Khurshid Qureshi, founder and chairperson of the Distinguished Innovation, Collaboration & Entrepreneurship (DICE) Foundation, who developed the prototype.

It has a maximum speed of 120km/h, tyre size of 16 inches, a ground clearance of 190mm, and a charging capacity of 220V in eight hours, with fast charging also available.

Dr Qureshi claimed that the production of the car has three stages: the first involved industrial design, production, and launch; the second involved expanding production to include sedans and SUVs, small commercial trucks, and EV platform export; and the third involves exporting the cars.

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The completely working prototype, EV NUR-E 75, is ready for testing and regulatory approval, he said, adding that manufacturing started in 2019. Meanwhile, design work on a rolling platform that will be utilised for multiple vehicle segments is in progress.

The little hatchback’s maximum output is 80 kW (108 horsepower), and its 35 kWh battery can travel 210 km without the air conditioner on.

He emphasised that the vehicle, given to Pakistan as a gift for its diamond jubilee, would play a significant role in the context of the environment and climate change and help us transition away from the use of non-renewable fuels.