Pakistani Tekken 7 superstar Arslan Ash continued his winning spree by emerging victorious at the “Uprising Korea 2023” tournament on Sunday. In the final game, Arslan Ash defeated his South Korean opponent Galgonge by 3-0.

Earlier Arslan was defeated by Galgonge in a close match by 3-2, after which he played a losers final in which he defeated Varrel Pinya by 3-1 and qualified for the grand finals.

In the finals, he once again faced Galgonge and defeated him in a one-sided match by 3-1, but as Arslan lost his previous game against Galgonge in winners finals, Arslan had to play another game against Galgonge to emerged as champion.


In the final round, Arslan once again defeated Ganglone in a one-sided match by 3-0.

Arslan ash is the only player in the world to win the “EVO championship” four times. He was named as the best “E-sports player of the year” in 2019 by ESPN.