Dananeer Mobeen, the girl behind the viral ‘Pawari Ho Rai Hai‘ video says she is overwhelmed with the response her video has gotten.

In a recent interview with BBC Urdu, Mobeen shared that she was visiting Nathiagali with her friends and was having fun when she decided to film the video.

“When I uploaded the video, I had no idea it would go viral,” said Dananeer, adding that the only intention behind making the video was to make people “laugh and enjoy it.”


Allhamdulliah the response has been so overwhelming,” said Mobeen.

The nineteen-year-old Instagram influencer further said that she is enjoying all the recreations which she is receiving from every corner of Pakistan, adding that her countrymen are very creative when it comes to memes.

She also shared that her mother was ‘over the moon’ when celebrities recreated her video.

“I’m so happy that my video is also being appreciated even across the border, especially at a time when there is a lot of tension and polarization in the world,” stated Mobeen.

“After such an overwhelming response [on the video], I have realised that people are liking this side of my personality, so I think in the future I will show more of this side of my personality,” concluded Mobeen.

Meanwhile, Pawri Ho Rai Hai has became a trend on social media with many people including celebrities sharing their own take on it.