The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is considering hosting the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 10 playoffs at a foreign venue.

The proposal suggests three possible venues in England for four key play-off matches. Proposed venues include famous stadiums such as Manchester, Birmingham and The Oval in London.

The move is expected to bring many benefits to the PSL, especially considering England’s status as a cricket powerhouse and the presence of the tournament’s main broadcaster in the country.


With a large number of Pakistani and Indian cricket fans settled in England, the decision to choose neutral venues in the country is aimed at attracting a wider audience and enhancing the global appeal of the tournament.

While Australia was also suggested as a possible venue during discussions at the PSL General Council meeting, the focus seems to be on England for now.

The 10th edition of PSL could be held in April-May next year. The decision has been taken because the event will clash with the ICC (International Cricket Council Champions) Trophy in the February-March window.