An application has been filed in the Lahore High court demanding an immediate ban on the TikTok.

Advocate Nadeem Sarwar moved the application on behalf of a citizen. According to the lawyer, the petitioner move to the High Court because over 10 deaths have been reported in Pakistan that were linked with TikTok in one or the other way.

The lawyer also said that the app has become a portal of sharing inappropriate content just for the sake of fame and rating on the social media platform.


He also argues that the video application is a “great-evil and the app has been banned in several countries like Malaysia and Bangladesh due to its nature of insulting and mocking people.”

On the other hand, the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Punjab, Ashfaq Ahmad Khan also thinks that the app should be banned.

“I request the cybercrime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency to look into the matters and immediately impose a ban on the video-sharing mobile application.” said the DIG.


According to several news reports, the officials of Punjab Police are preparing a report that will highlight all negative aspects of TikTok and how it is negatively influencing the young adults of the country.

The police will submit the reports to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).