Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Marriyum Aurangzeb, has released a statement announcing that Pakistan’s first music policy is being designed to help boost the industry and address issues like copyrights, pirating as well as artist rights.

According to Aaj news, Aurangzeb pointed out how Pakistani artists have suffered from theft of intellectual rights because of weak policy planning.

“Since the 1970s, no policy parameters, including legislative and administrative, for the music industry have been introduced,” the PMLN politician lamented in a statement. “The new policy will fully protect the copyright, which [will] help compose quality music for masses.”


Aurangzeb revealed that the music policy has been prepared according to international music law standards, and will address issues like piracy, copy rights as well as artists’ public performance, production , adaptation, duration and communication rights.

The rights of Pakistani singers, song writers, composers and producers will fall under this policy as Aurangzeb said that all issues and demands of music stakeholders, especially copyrights will be resolved.

Aurangzeb also stressed that the policy will work to protect classical musicians, as well as set up initiatives to promote more regional musicians by providing incentives. The policy will address how Pakistan’s musical legacy can be preserved as it is, “rich, being a unique combination of Sufi poetry, with classic and modern music”.