New Zealand Prime Minister (PM) Jacinda Ardern shuts down a male journalist for asking a misogynist question.

Arden was hosting Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin at Auckland’s Government House on Wednesday during the first visit by a Premier from the European country to New Zealand.

However, a male reporter zoomed in on what he seemed to think was the most important thing Ardern, 42, and Marin, 37, have in common.


He asked, “A lot of people will be wondering: ‘Are you two meeting just because you’re similar in age and have got a lot of common stuff there — when you got into politics and stuff — or can Kiwis actually expect to see more deals between our two countries down the line?”

Ardern interrupted the question to say that she wondered “whether or not anyone ever asked Barack Obama and John Key if they met because they were of similar age.”

With a smile on her face, she added: “We, of course, have a higher proportion of men in politics, it’s a reality. Because two women meet, it is not simply because of their gender.”


She then schooled the reporter on the important trade relations between the countries. “It’s our job to further it, regardless of our gender,” Arden concluded.

Meanwhile, Marin said: “We are meeting because we are prime ministers, of course … we have a lot of things in common, but also a lot of things where we can do much more together.”

The question about age and gender drew criticism in local media outlets, where it was described as “not-so-subtle sexism” and “casual sexism”.

The viral clip rapidly gained the attention of Twitterati who applauded the female leaders.