On Monday, Aleem Khan formally joined Jahangir Khan Tareen’s disgruntled group in the PTI. Aleem said the aim is to “save” the party after “loyalists who had been integral in PTI’s 10-year struggle were sidelined without any reason” from the ruling party.

Aleem Khan reached Tareen’s residence on Monday evening and was all praises for the disgruntled PTI leader. He also criticised the way the Punjab government was being run.

In a politically heavy weekend, and an even bigger Monday, all wheels seem to be set in motion for a major political change. The major updates that will affect the fate of the government and the Opposition are going to change the future of the current government.


Previously, according to journalists on Twitter, it was possible that PTI’s Aleem Khan, who is also PM Khan’s close friend, might be joining the Opposition. He had been reportedly contacted by the PML-N and was set to meet the Jahangir Tareen Group today at Tareen’s residence. Tareen, who is currently in London, was reported to address the meeting through a video link. According to reports, Aleem Khan has met 40 members of the provincial assembly this week, out of which ten are provincial ministers.

PML-N, PPP stop their MNAs from leaving the country

In a tough battle in Parliament over the no-confidence motion against PM Khan, which will remove him from power, the PPP and PML-N are making sure their MNAs are present for the motion.

“Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has directed all MNAs of the party to remain in Islamabad,” PPP Information Secretary Shahzia Atta Marri said on Sunday, which means no official delegations and allegedly no vacations for the MNAs until the motion is carried through.

According to a report published in The News, PML-N Information Secretary Marriyam Aurangzeb said that her party’s members would not be part of any foreign tour nominated by NA Speaker Asad Qaiser. All members of the party had been instructed to stay in the country. “PML-N MNAs have been barred from travelling abroad at expenses from the national exchequer. We hope sensible members of the PTI will also refuse to be part of the tours,” she added.

‘Beware,’ PM Khan warns Opposition

On Sunday, PM Imran said that he will continue his fight against looters and dacoits till the last drop of his blood. He also warned the Opposition of grave consequences if the no-confidence motion against him fails.

“Are you ready for what I will do to you once your no-confidence motion fails insha’Allah?”

PM Khan attacked all Opposition leaders.
Nawaz Sharif

PM Khan said that PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif is ‘Mujrim Number 1′ (Criminal number 1) who acted like a Bollywood actor so that he could leave the country. He also called Nawaz a ‘bhagora’ (someone who runs away).

Shehbaz Sharif

PM Khan said that the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly starts polishing boots whenever he finds one.

Asif Zardari

PM Khan called PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari a “beemaari” (disease).

Maulana Fazlur Rehman

PM Khan referred to Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman as ‘Fazlu’ and said he does not want to address him as a ‘maulana’ because “the title is for people who are respected”.

PM Khan also reminded Fazlur Rehman that their ages are the same and in this age, they should be more worried about their aakhirat (life after death). He said Fazlur Rehman’s weight is also more than his.

Maryam Nawaz reacts to PM Khan’s attack:

PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz tweeted, “Why falling apart & sounding hysterical ImranKhan PTI? The game has only just begun, dude & you have already lost it! Show some sportsman spirit man!”