Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan considers his government’s initiative [Ehsaas programme, health card scheme and establishment of the National  Rahmat-tulil-Aalameen Authority (NRA)] as their biggest initiative to transform Pakistan into a true Madina-like state.

PM Khan in an article: “Spirit of Riyasat-i-Madina: Transforming Pakistan” which he had written for various newspapers. He said, “We have embarked on the road to the welfare state with some great initiatives. Despite tight financial means, we allocated an unprecedented amount of money to our initiatives such as the Ehsaas Programme which was a social safety and poverty alleviation programme necessary for the vulnerable groups in society.”

While talking about the Ehsaas scholarship program he said that the initiative would ensure that unprivileged, talented students would get a chance to pursue an education.


Moreover, in this piece, PM Khan wrote that the most urgent of all challenges facing the country was the struggle to establish the rule of law. “Over the last 75 years of Pakistan’s history. The country had suffered from elite capture, where the powerful and crooked politicians, cartels and mafias had become accustomed to being above the law in order to protect their privileges gained through a corrupt system.”

The premier while giving examples of China, Japan and South Korea said if one looked at the world, one could easily witness that the most successful states also had the most robust application of the rule of law.


“In Pakistan, not adhering to the rule of law has led to siphoning off of billions of US dollars which has imposed collective poverty on our public”, PM added.

The article has come at a time when the government is already facing severe criticism due to unprecedented inflation. After the article, Twitter is flooded with mixed reactions. Some say the government is trying to sell religious cards while others are showing support.