Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif has left for Turkiye on Friday morning for a two-day official visit.

According to a Foreign Office (FO) statement, the Premier will “jointly inaugurate the third of the four Milgem Corvette ships for the Pakistan Navy, PNS Khaibar, at the Istanbul Shipyard”.

Prior to his departure, the premier tweeted that the inauguration of the third Milgem Corvette ship represented the deepening defence cooperation between the Turkiye and Pakistan.



“High-level exchanges are a defining feature of our partnership,” he stated. “Our bilateral ties have entered a new era of strategic partnership under the leadership of President Erdogan.”

The PM went on to say that the two countries were on a course to “unpack the full untapped potential of the relationship”, adding that high-level exchanges were a “defining feature” of the partnership between the two countries.