In the Indian state of Karnataka, police have arrested a female student, Kuthma Shiekh for allegedly posting wishes for Pakistan Day on her Whatsapp status on March 23.

According to Hindustan Times, Kuthma Sheikh posted a Whatsapp Status in Urdu which says, “Allah har mulk me ittihaad, aman, sukoon, ata farma maula [May God bless every nation with peace, unity, and harmony].”

An activist, Arun Kumar Bhajantri filed a complaint against her in which he claimed that the woman intended to infuse tensions on a basis of ethnicity.


According to the police, the woman is a Mudhol native and studying at a madrasa.

The police claimed that she broke the law of Indian Penal Code Sections 153(A) (inciting hatred between groups based on religion, race, or other characteristics) and 505(2) (inciting hatred between groups based on religion, race, or other factors) (making statements that promote hostility between groups).

Authorities claimed that Whatsapp status could prompt riots, protests to which they had to detain the woman. Police further added, “Her status might be interpreted as a celebration of Pakistan’s Republic Day.”

“If we hadn’t moved quickly enough, it could have resulted in rioting, protests, and counter-protests, the official continued.

She was arrested on March 24 but she was released on bail the next day.