The police have rescued a woman from an apartment in Karachi’s Marwari Line of the Ranchore Line neighbourhood after a neighbor hinted that she was imprisoned, Aamir Majeed reported for Samaa News.

Eidgah Assistant Sub-Inspector Zahid Mehmood told Samaa Digital that they received a complaint on police helpline 15 Madadgar by a man who identified himself as Junaid to make them aware of the suspected hostage in Jannat Bibi Building.

 A police team instantly went to the venue where a large number of people were gathered outside the building. According to ASI Mehmood, when they entered the single-room apartment, there was a very weak woman covered in a bedsheet. The woman was so weak that she could not even walk. She was taken to Civil Hospital, Karachi, for rehabilitation in an ambulance.


 According to ASI Mehmood, neighbours caught her brother — identified as Iqbal — and handed him over to the police.

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 An FIR was registered against her brother on the complaint of the victim’s maternal uncle Muhammad Hassan. He told the police that the woman’s parents had passed away and her brother took her with him three years ago and did not contact the extended family. 


 Junaid contacted the police and said that Iqbal was living in an apartment that he had rented two-and-a-half years ago. Everyone knew Iqbal lived with his sister there but no one ever saw her. He claimed that sometimes they heard her crying, but no one interfered, thinking it was a personal matter.

 Junaid told the police that people in the area suspected that something was wrong after someone threw used condoms out of the apartment. Though the apartment was locked, the women of the area tried to look inside through a window. They saw a woman lying naked.

 District City SSP Sarfaraz Nawaz said that a woman medico-legal officer examined the victim.

 “According to the WMLO, the victim was raped,” he confirmed. The police have acquired semen samples from the suspect and sent them for tests. Further investigation is underway.