Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed on Wednesday said that the government will not create any hurdles for the Opposition but also warned that doing so would result in “political humiliation” for the Opposition alliance.

Addressing a ceremony in Rawalpindi, Rasheed said, “If you want to anger them (representatives of OIC countries) for the sake of your personal politics then come on March 23 and don’t [change the date]. Come on [March] 23 and God willing, you will face a political defeat and be humiliated.”

“We will create no problem for you if you don’t create any problem for the law.”



“What is your agenda? Why are you marching towards Islamabad?” the interior minister asked the Opposition, as he reiterated that they would face no resistance from the government.

“I kept telling them [to change their date] for a month. If they think they are very intelligent, if they were actually intelligent then maybe we might have faced a legal threat from them today … now come on March 23 and be humiliated,” Rasheed reiterated.

“The only thing they have done is give irresponsible statements against Imran Khan. The public did not come out on the streets in the last 3.5 years, and they will not come out now,” he said.

Rasheed said PM Imran Khan was “an honest man”, who had a good relationship with the “establishment”.

He warned the Opposition that the prime minister would indeed be “very dangerous” if he were to take to the streets against it. “I say this with authority: Imran Khan has street power.”

Earlier this week, Rasheed urged the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) to defer its long march, warning the Opposition of a potential terror threat.

“Both Prime Minister Imran Khan and I love this country as much you (Opposition) do, but remember there is a terrorism threat on March 23,” he added.