The management of Lahore Grammar School (LGS) 1A1 Ghalib Market Branch, including female teachers, has come under fire for covering up harassment and inappropriate behaviour by instructors for years. It is pertinent to mention here that most of the girls studying at the school were minors at the time.

Such incidents had reportedly been going on for the past four or five years and the victims had been reporting the matter to the admin and their teachers. However, their teachers had been covering up for their colleagues and brushing the matter under the carpet. They resorted to victim-blaming and refused to take any action. Strict and immediate action was only taken after the girls shared their ordeal on social media.

According to details, students have come forward and shared their experiences of being harassed by three teachers namely Aitezaz Rehman Sheikh, Umer Shareef and Zahid Iqbal Warraich. To make things easier to understand, here’s a breakdown of the details:


Aitezaz Rehman Sheikh

Aitezaz Rehman Sheikh, who used to teach politics and served as a MUN coach had been sending obscene pictures and messages to his students. The students accused him of being manipulative and said that he would coerce girls on international trips.

Aitezaz Rehman Sheikh

Zahid Iqbal Warraich

Similarly, Sir Zahid Warraich, who taught Chemistry to A’ and O’ Levels used to inappropriately touch his students and make them uncomfortable during class.

Umer Shareef

Sir Umer was reportedly a member of the admin who would make girls uncomfortable with his stares and glances.

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Following the outrage on social media, the management of LGS 1A1 immediately fired the instructors and barred them from working at any branch of LGS.

A few students have also accused Omair Rana’s wife Maira Omair Rana for not taking action and “slut-shaming” the girls who came forward to report. One of the students has also accused the actor of exhibiting inappropriate behaviour.

LGS is one of the mose prestigious school for girls in Lahore, with several branches across the city. The management of each branch is separate.