The government has decided to transfer the Srilankan manager, Priyantha Kumara lynching case to Lahore Kot Lakhpat Jail from Gujranwala.

The government issued the notification on Thursday that the trial would now be conducted in the Lahore Kot Lakhpat Jail. Previously, an anti-terrorism court of Gujranwala was hearing the case.

Special Prosecutor General, Abdur Rauf Watto has been leading a three-member special prosecution team that has been pursuing the trial.


The government has given directions to the team to submit the daily progress report of the trial to Prosecutor General Punjab.

The police arrested more than 100 people including one of the main culprits, Farhan Idrees who were involved in the heinous act.

In December, last year, Priyantha Kumara was tortured to death on the alleged charges of blasphemy by an angry mob. He was working as a manager at a private sportswear manufacturing factory in Sialkot.