The much-awaited anthem of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season six featuring Aima Baig, Naseebo Lal and Young Stunners has finally released.

Titled Groove Mera, the track starts with Naseebo Lal’s strong vocals and as she takes charge, the audience is guaranteed to start buzzing to the track. We go on to see Aima Baig who, in her quintessential style, delivers powerful vocals. Then we see Young Stunners making an entrance as they rap their way into the song. The rap has been written by the artists themselves. 

“Continuing the rich tradition of entertaining PSL fans with a new anthem for each season, Groove Mera refers to the swing and feel of the movements of cricketers. It refers to moments of finesse that one finds in the heart of every cricket match,” read the official statement by the league.


“This year’s anthem also reflects the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the majority of the fans will be watching Pakistan’s biggest sporting event remotely, this anthem cheers both players on the field and their fans at home as they celebrate their groove,” continued the statement, adding: “Most importantly, the best part of this year’s anthem is that, it is featuring female vocalists as the leads.”

Last year’s anthem Tayyar Hain featuring Asim Azhar, Ali Azmat and Haroon had disappointed fans. The star-studded collaboration had failed to impress cricket aficionados, who retaliated by poking fun at the song.

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Groove Mera has been composed by Xulfi while the music video has been directed by Fida Moin.