The Pakistan Democratic Movement-led government and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) finally sat together to discuss the matter of elections on Thursday.

According to Geo News, the former ruling party PTI has put forward three conditions for reaching a consensus. One of them is that they want general elections in July instead of October.

Other than this, PTI has asked the government to dissolve Balochistan and Sindh Assembly as well as National Assembly (NA) in May. Thirdly, the party wants an amendment in the constitution for simultaneous elections and for that, the resignations of their Member of National Assembly (MNA) have to be withdrawn.


The first round of the negotiations lasted for two hours while the second round will be held today.

It is important to mention that Supreme Cout (SC) gave May 14 as the date for polls in Punjab and KP, but later asked the political parties to negotiate with each other to reach a conclusion.