The Punjab police on Tuesday introduced two cutting-edge services labelled Punjab Police WhatsApp Services and Online Complaint Management System that are meant to bring police assistance to citizens’ doorsteps as a significant step toward reform.

According to Dawn, Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) Faisal Shahkar said the future of police service is linked with IT-based policing, which is why Punjab police expanding the scope of IT-related initiatives so that the citizens can benefit from police services at their doorstep.

According to IGP, the Punjab police will utilize these services to deliver police assistance to citizens’ homes rather than police stations or offices. This allows citizens to easily file complaints as well as obtain other information, such as a driving license or a registration for a First Information Report, with just a single click.


He claimed that any citizen, particularly those who are Pakistanis living abroad, can simply file a complaint by using the Punjab police’s WhatsApp number, 0331-7871787, without having to go to a police station.

The overseas Pakistanis will be able to access information and services using these contemporary services from any location, and more capabilities will be introduced to both the software in the future based on citizen feedback.

In order to give citizens access to all policing-related facilities in a single app, the Police Department is combining all of its IT-related initiatives into one cutting-edge app along the lines of global corporations.

He claimed that the complaint management system was also made available online for the benefit of the populace, allowing users to not only file complaints but also obtain an E-tag number.

A few of the services provided are the following:


Crime Report, IG Punjab Complaint Cell, Police Service Center Facilities, Helpline Numbers, Gender Harassment Report, Police Offices, Facilities for Overseas Pakistanis, Social Media, Punjab Police Website, Zainab Alert, Most Wanted Criminals, Citizen Portal, details of domestic workers criminal record verification, feedback and suggestions, etc.

The CPO and the district-level officers will both keep an eye on the citizen complaints, and officials who purposefully delayed taking necessary action will face consequences.