Rakhi Sawant is not going to let people’s opinions stop her from leading her best life.

The Bollywood actress has said that she will keep getting married until she finds the right life partner.

The Indian dancer who performed Umrah a few months ago, has gone to court to divorce businessman Adil Khan Durrani. In an interview she said that she wants the marriage ended as soon as possible so that she can get married again.


A clip from the interview has gone viral on social media. “I hopes the court will give me back my money and also a divorce so that I can marry a good guy again in the future and live my life in peace.”

Rakhi expressed her intention to marry again and again, stating, “I will stay married until I die until I find the right life partner, till then I will continue to love because this is my life, I have only one life.”

She continued, “If you go to Hollywood, you’ll see people marrying multiple times, numerous boyfriends, and relationships, and it doesn’t matter there. All the boundaries are only in India.”
At the beginning of this year, news came out that Rakhi Sawant has married Adil Khan Durrani after accepting Islam last year. Adil denied the marriage, then went silent before finally admitting to the marriage.
However, with the death of Rakhi’s mother, the news of problems in her marriage began to circulate. Rakhi approached the court for divorce citing Adil Khan’s affairs, physical violence, indecent videos and disputes over money.