Ramy Youssef has spoken up about the genocide in Gaza on Saturday Night Live, earning resounding applause. He made a heartfelt request to “stop the suffering” and “stop the violence.”

Ramy Youssef, the creator of the show ‘Ramy’ and an actor in “Poor Things,” said: “This weekend is very spiritual. We’re in Ramadan, a holy month. Tomorrow is Easter. And yesterday, Beyoncé released a new album. There are just so many religions celebrating all at once.”
Talking about prayer, Youssef said, “In my friend group, I’m one of the few who prays. I’m friends with a lot of sinners—really bad people. They call me when they’re in trouble because they want me to pray for them.”

The publication mentioned that Youssef then made a joke about a friend who was in the middle of a custody battle over his dog. He then talked about another friend named Ahmed who called him asking for prayers for his family in Gaza. Youssef, who strongly supports peace in Palestine, said, “I’m like, ‘Dude, I got you.’ So that night, when I prayed, it was… complicated. I had a lot to ask for. I said, ‘God, please help Ahmed’s family. Please stop the suffering. Stop the violence. Please free the people of Palestine, please.'”
While the audience cheered, Youssef said, “And please free the hostages, all the hostages, please.” Then he joked, “And while you’re at it, you know, free Mr. Bojangles. He’s a beautiful dog. I’m praying for that dog.”


Youssef was among the people wearing an Artists for Ceasefire pin at the Academy Awards in March. He told Variety on the red carpet, “We’re asking for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza.”

“We’re asking for peace and long-term fairness for the people of Palestine. It’s a message for everyone: ‘Let’s stop hurting children. Let’s not make more war.’ Nobody has ever thought bombing was a good idea when looking back at war. It’s amazing to be around many artists ready to speak out… the support is growing. Many people will wear these pins tonight. There’s a lot of talking on the news, but this is about speaking from the heart. We’re aiming to spread a big message of humanity.”

Youssef was born in New York to parents from Egypt who moved to the United States. His TV show ‘Ramy,’ which he made and acted in as the main character, started in 2019. The show reflects his own life. It’s about a first-generation millennial American with immigrant parents. Youssef won a Golden Globe in January 2020 for his role.