Rawalpindi police have foiled a bid to break Adiala Central Jail and registered a case against the suspect who tried to smuggle in a hacksaw for the purpose.

According to reports, stepson of a prisoner, Khalid Khan, came to visit his father in jail. The son, named Amaan Abbasi, had also brought food and other stuff for his father, but when the police official inspected his luggage before the meeting, they found a hacksaw and other such stuff in his box.

Subsequently, the police officials took the visitors in the custody and also confiscated the hacksaw. A case has also been registered against Abbasi by the SHO of Saddar police station, Rawalpindi.


According to Assistant Superintendent Jail Saqib Amin, the police have averted a major untoward incident by seizing the hacksaw before it could reach the hands of the prisoner.