Minister for Planning and Development Ahsan Iqbal said on Sunday that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters, who harassed and chanted slogans at him at a restaurant earlier this week, had come to meet him and apologised for their actions.

Taking to Twitter, Iqbal said, “The family involved in the incident came to Narowal and apologised for their actions in the meeting, expressed remorse and embarrassment.”

“We are all Pakistanis and have a right to disagree with each other but that should not turn into hatred and one must maintain mutual respect,” said Iqbal.


A day earlier, Iqbal said that the incident highlighted the culture PTI Chairman Imran Khan was teaching his followers.


The planning minister said the “disease of extremism and hatred” in society was affecting Pakistan like “cancer”.

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Addressing PTI supporters, he urged them to carefully consider if their leader was as sincere to them as they were to him. “Imran has a track record of using people and throwing them away like tissue paper,” he claimed.

“Since over a decade, Khan has been running his ‘chor’ campaign, however, he could not even prove a single allegation during the four years he was in power,” he said, adding that it is the responsibility of a politician to train their workers; however, Khan has failed to do so.

“I think Khan needs a psychologist,” he asserted.