As details of the sale of Toshakhana gifts come to light, senior journalist Shahzeb Khanzada has raised 10 questions that he wants former Prime Minister Imran Khan to answer.

After Khanzada’s sensational interview with Dubai-based businessman Umar Farooq Zahoor, who claimed to have bought the state gifts from Farah Khan, Imran Khan wrote, “Enough is enough,” and said that he would sue Geo and the journalist in Pakistan, UAE and United Kingdom.

Shahzeb Khanzada then appeared on Geo News‘ and told Imran Khan and his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) that all stories are aired on the channel after due diligence and he was ready to accept the PTI chief’s challenge.


Speaking over the phone with Geo News, Khanzada said, “We always run a story after complete investigation. It isn’t our responsibility to find out to whom the gifts were sold; Imran Khan’s responsibility is to tell the people.”

The journalist asked if Khan believes that Zahoor was a “fraudster”, then why does he have the gifts? “If [Khan] did not sell the gifts to him, then whom did he sell them to?”

Khanzada said that every time he hosts a show about PTI, he makes sure that the party’s leaders are invited, but they never accept the invite.

“We will face the PTI chairman in any court he wants to go to,” Khanzada reiterated.

Khanzada asked that Khan answer 11 essential questions:

1. Why were the gifts sold via Farah Gogi for $2 million dollars?


2. If Imran Khan did not sell them, how did they reach Umar Farooq?

3. If the gifts were not sold to Umar Farooq Zahoor, then who were they sold?

4. Was the money brought to Pakistan after the gifts were sold?

5. If the money was brought to Pakistan, where is the banking transaction?

6. If the money was not brought to Pakistan, where is this massive amount of cash?

7. Why were the transactions shown at nearly Rs. 60 million in papers and not at Rs. 280 million?

8. Did Imran Khan evade filing taxes on the sale or did he hide the money trail by not disclosing these transactions?

9. In 2019, the gifts were priced at over Rs. 1 billion. Why were the gifts bought from Toshakhana by only paying slightly over Rs. 20 million?

10. Why was the national exchequer dealt damages of more than Rs.1 billion?

11. Why does Imran Khan choose to defend Farah Khan himself?