Shaniera Akram has expressed her distress over people constantly demeaning all the blood and sweat she has shed for Pakistan over the past 10 years.

She took to her Instagram and bashed the keyboard warriors for calling her “rich gori”, “privileged” and “celebrity’s wife”.

“Sick of being called a random white woman, rich gori, privileged, white person, someone of occasionally lives in Pakistan and a celebrity’s wife,” she wrote displeasingly.


“Do you not know I have spent 10 years in Pakistan, fighting for the rights of our people, caring for those who are underprivileged and standing up for the country I have grown to love,” she questioned.


“Yes, I am a white. Yes I am an Australiam woman. I can’t help that and I don’t want to be ashamed of it, I am proud of my heritage and for who I am,” added Akram.

“Yes, I am married to an incredible Pakistani man, who happens to be a national hero, But I have never used that in vain. I have never lauded that over anyone.”

Shaniera further added, clearing that she is also a part of this country and has earned her own recognition, “Like me or not. Red my words and let them sink in. I am no random, I am Shaniera Akram. I have earned every bit of my name and I am here to stay!”

“Let’s stop this horrible trolling, I am a part of Pakistan whether you like it or not. I have earned my position here,” she said adding: “So let’s put our differences aside and work together and get on with making our country even better than it is, for all who love it as much as I do.”

“I am a human, I will make mistakes, but my intentions are good and there is always method to my madness, just trust in me and know, even if I make you feel uncomfortable for what ever the reason, I will always have best interests at hear”, she concluded.

Earlier, Shaniera said that she feels safe in Pakistan and took to Twitter after receiving backlash on it.

She wrote : “I stand by my words. In terms of national security, I do feel completely safe in Pakistan. I know where we have come from and I have seen how hard we have worked to promote a peaceful nation. And it’s a safe feeling when you’re with 200million people who all want the same thing – PEACE!”