A rickshaw driver along with his companion have allegedly gang-raped a woman and her minor daughter near LDA Avenue, ARY News reported on Monday.

According to the police statement of the victim, the rickshaw drove the mother and the daughter around before stopping it at a shady spot near LDA Avenue where the driver, along with his friend, allegedly raped them both.

The woman said she reached Thokar Niaz Baig on a coach and sat in a rickshaw for Saddar Cantt, but then the accused drove them wayward and finally parked the vehicle at LDA Avenue in the dark of the night.


Chung Police have arrested the suspect while the victims have been taken to the hospital for medical tests.

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Police said they are still gathering more evidence into the case and confirmed the rickshaw had the registration plate LEU-4882, which the alleged rapist abandoned when victims shouted for help.

“They both raped me and my daughter one after another inside the rickshaw,” the victim said, adding that they ran away when they shouted for help.
FIR states that the suspects snatched a phone and Rs5,000 cash from the woman as well.