Pakistan has an ambitious plan to raise a 500-foot flag in Lahore, with the goal of claiming the title of the country’s tallest flag. The project, which comes with a significant cost of Rs40 crore, will be showcased during a grand flag-raising ceremony on Pakistan’s Independence Day, August 14, 2023.

This endeavor is part of an ongoing competition between Pakistan and India to erect the tallest flag. The rivalry began in 2017 when India proudly hoisted a 360-foot flag at the Attari-Wagah border in March of that year. In response, Pakistan swiftly raised a 400-foot flag at the same border on its Independence Day in August 2017. India then surpassed this height by unveiling a 418-foot flag at the Indo-Pak border in Amritsar later that October. Now, Pakistan seeks to take the lead by installing a 500-foot flag in Lahore.

Opinions on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook regarding this competition are varied. Some view it as a patriotic display of national pride, while others criticise it as a misuse of taxpayer money and valuable resources. Concerns have also been raised about potential environmental and security implications associated with such colossal flags, as they could pose threats to birds and aircraft.


According to reports, the remarkable project is being funded by the Punjab government. The flag itself will be made of polyester fabric, weighing a staggering 800 kg. The flagpole, constructed with steel and concrete, will have a base diameter of 12 feet, tapering to 4 feet at the top. Equipped with LED lights and a sound system, the flag will be visible from a distance of 15 km.

The flag-raising ceremony is scheduled for August 14, 2023, marking the 76th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence.