‘Tumhare Husn Kay Naam’, the new drama serial on Green TV is a timeless love-story woven in threads of melancholic romance, philosophy and nostalgia. Salma (played by Qamar) and Sikandar (played by Abbas), the main leads, epitomize true love as a condition that defies all man-made social divisions and differences. Gear up for a classic romance story bound to stir an ocean of emotions within you.

In the first episode we see that Salma’s mother doesn’t like her daughter’s avoid painting and singing but her father supports her.

Salma is hit by a ball by Sikander at her university, leading him to worry that he may be expelled. He is poor but he loves the arts and wants to become an architect.


He apologizes to Salma, and the two become closer.

The serial breaks the heart with an amazing story, that triumphs with the brilliant direction of Saqib Khan and spectacular performances by Saba Qamar and Imran Abbas.

The episode also got positive reviews from social media.